About us

Fótboltaland is Iceland’s first football themed park. It is one of the most impressive amusement parks in the country with a large number of digital devices and activities related to football.

In Fótboltaland, you can find entertainment for children and adults, where the world’s most popular sport is in the foreground. With the establishment of Fótboltaland, the needs of football enthusiasts are not only being met, but also meeting the growing demand for playful entertainment with exercise suitable for all age groups.

In Fótboltaland, you can find about twenty different activities, and they are divided into challenges and activity courses. In the challenges, guests try to get as many points as possible from each course and thus defeat friends or family in the respective courses. In the activity tracks, everything is about having fun, although it is always possible to set up a competition in those tracks as well, if the guests so choose. 

The main technological innovations are used in Fótboltaland, including RFID wristbands that keep track of a competitor’s score and digital football equipment from the Elite Skills Arena, which are used in the training areas of the world’s biggest football clubs.